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20-something, animal trainer, TV addict, hopeless shipper, avid fic reader, and Photoshop artiste.

Shows & Ships

Whose Line!
Have a bad case of the Mondays? Need a guaranteed pick-me-up? This is one of my favorite bits from one of my all-time favorite shows: Whose Line Is It Anyways?

The perfect man.


I'm gonna go collapse in a puddle of goo now.
Current Mood: listless listless

This kid...
Holy cow. Ever think you'd like the harmonica? Neither did I. But check out what this kid can do.

It helps that Rhapsody In Blue is one of my favorite pieces of music.
Current Mood: impressed impressed

Get this.
Just had to share. So, I'm kind of dabbling in a new pairing - Tony Stark and Pepper Potts from the Iron Man movies. And the pairing is called Pepperony. Ha! I love fandom.

And now I want pizza.
Current Mood: hot hot

Woot woot!!!

That is all.
Current Mood: relieved relieved

Just love that new ship smell.
Oh God, I have a new ship. Took me long enough, and of course, the show's long gone, but I don't care because I LOVE having a new ship.

It's Battlestar Galactica. I started watching about 2 months ago, and then I found my ship and went a bit nuts. I watched all of season 3 in less than a week. I'm head over heels for Adama/Roslin. Like, marathoning episodes like an addict looking for a fix. Grinning stupidly at work because I can't wait to get home and watch some more. And the sad thing is I'm on the last season and then it will be DONE and I'll have no more to look forward to. :( But for now I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts, and maybe look for some good AR fic.

By the way, I blame all of you. You know who you are.
Current Mood: bouncy bouncy

Olympics Time!
This made me smile :)

I love the Olympics!
Current Mood: hot hot
Current Music: Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen

Oh. Em. Gee. WICKED!
I was at doggy daycare today when my boss, who drops the dogs at home at the end of the day, called and said one of the clients was going to see Wicked tonight but couldn't go, and wondered if one of us wanted the tickets. YES. Yes yes yes. So I got last minute free tickets to Wicked, and more than that they were in the 8th row. I've wanted to see Wicked since I first heard the soundtrack, and this is the first year it's been here but tickets cost an arm and a leg. But I got FREE TICKETS. In the 8TH ROW. And it was AH-MAZING. Amazing, amazing amazing. I'm still on a high. I call Best Day This Year!
Current Mood: ecstatic ecstatic

So, uh...anyone got some free web space? I was making my entry for the X-Files Advent Calendar (10 years! Can you believe it?), and I noticed my website, and old host, have been down for a while. So, is there any kindly soul out there who could perhaps host my battered old site? It's mainly my old collages, icons, and artwork related things (tutorials, resources, etc.). You can see some of it on the Wayback Machine. I only update it when I make new art, which just isn't that often anymore, but I like to have it up for old times sake. Just thought I'd ask. :)
Current Mood: artistic artistic

Well, I suck.
I think I broke my Kindle. My birthday was 2 weeks ago and my mom got me a Kindle. And I've loved it. Aaaand, I just had it on my bed and leaned back with my elbow accidentally on it. I heard a crack. And now it's got a crack in the image, with most of the screen unresponsive. Just because I haven't had a crappy enough summer. I suck.
Current Mood: distressed distressed

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